Vegas 360 Gallery

Venetian 360 (las Vegas)
A collection of navigable, spherical 360 images taken in Sin City. While 360 cameras/tech have a LONG way to go to satisfy the demands of pixel peepers, I'd say the Ricoh Theta line fits the bill quite well...for now. (Click the fullscreen icon in the lower right corner of each image for the best viewing experience. Hit the "Esc" key ... Read More

Singles Going Nowhere

This is a collection of tracks, spanning a long duration from the mid-1990s to the present. While not in order of release, many of these tracks were the results of my early experiments with Sonic Foundry’s ACID looping program and plugins long since laid to rest. Warning: Some of these early efforts are musically and lyrically wince-inducing! A Kind Man ... Read More

Sigma/Foveon Gallery

Banyan Tree, Lanai (Sigma DP3 Merrill)
If you've caught the photography bug like me, and have also come down with a serious case of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome, mostly recovered now), you owe it to yourself to at least test drive a Sigma camera (with Foveon sensor). They have a unique, indescribable quality that sets them well apart from traditional Bayer sensor cameras. Shots in this ... Read More

Fun with Photoshop!

Ann Cunter
Photoshop might just be the most creative tool since the carving knife...

General Photography

Tracy Arm (Alaska)
Just a small collection of some of my favorite DSLR and mirrorless shots. Some have been moderately processed/stylized in Photoshop. Remember folks: RAW is your friend!

Honest Logos Gallery

A collection of what I like to call "honest logos", ones that make no attempt to hide what they're really selling...

Footy T-Shirt Designs

A small collection of footy (soccer) inspired designs, some of which are available for purchase here.