Julia and Hank: Fame and peace whores, respectively

Julia Allison (Good God, I can’t believe I just mentioned her here…) will be the future makeup-smeared, drunken poster child for internet fame gone south. (I refuse to provide a link to her insignificant drivel.)
After reading this article, I realized what a pervasive thing it is in our society, this urge to be famous:
Why there’s no money in being a Web celebrity
Though most people do it with no dollar signs in their eyes, there is always the faint hope of turning it into “a gig”. But it seems for a great majority these days (thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, etc), the notoriety is an end in itself. I, for one, was not immune. Before the internet became the ubiquitous utility it is today, I used the wince-evincing medium of cable access television. (Shameless plug: See my analog TV attempts at fame here in all their consumer Hi8 glory.) In retrospect, I guess it IS a pre-30’s urge, or before marriage/parenthood, whichever comes first. It feels good to be free of it now.

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