Lost Weekend

Nick at Nite

I lifted a riff from ELO’s “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” for this simple ditty, written long ago, during my bachelor days. During that period, weekends were often a blur of TV zoning (Nick at Nite), Internet surfing, and pub crawling (with the Old Pink as the final destination). Note the references to several old TV series like The Twilight Zone, I … Read More

Pano’s Girls

I was fortunate enough to find this old Pano’s photo on Wikimedia Commons. This was the Pano’s I wrote about in my song-a quaint mom and pop operation staffed with generally hot 20-30 somethings waitresses. I played the bass and keys. The rest were loops. I hand-delivered a copy of the song to Alex Georgiadis himself a decade ago. (Perhaps … Read More

Pump (White Boy Flow)


Back in the mid-90’s there was a little-known, Buffalo, NY (white) rap band called Tabu. (It turns out there’s a thirty year old band in Southern California by the same name, as I failed to find any mention of said rap group on the interwebs.) They appeared to be riding the coattails of House of Pain and in my opinion, … Read More