SuperN00b Update, February 2013

COMPLETED Bioshock 2 – As gorgeous and stylish as the first installment. I’m really looking forward to Bioshock Infinite. Call of Duty Black Ops II – Easily the best Call of Duty title produced to date (at least of all the modern warfare series-never played the others). I liked it so much that I plan to play the campaign through … Read More

SuperN00b Update April 2012

COMPLETED Battlefield 3 – For me, the Battlefield franchise has been a pleasant surprise. With its destructible cover and realistic recoil, it’s a slightly more satisfying combat experience than Call of Duty for my money. Bayonetta – A game of stunning and stylish visuals. But ultimately it wasn’t enough to keep me engrossed with the onslaught of quality games coming … Read More

SuperN00b Update, September 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Finished since last update: Alan Wake (Xbox 360) – Really cool and genuinely scary, made me jump on several occasions. Crysis (PC) – Absolutely gorgeous and engaging. Crysis 2 (Xbox 360) – Truly the most beautiful console game I’ve seen so far. Though still not as breathtaking as the original. Crysis Warhead – A great addition to the Crysis saga. … Read More

Super N00b Check-in, August 2010

Pwned since last update:* World in Conflict (PC) – Okay, okay. I DID use some cheats. A credit to the RTS genre for sure though! GTA IV The Lost & the Damned (Xbox) GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony (Xbox) Mirror’s Edge (Xbox) – Super cool. Can’t wait for the sequel. Mass Effect (Xbox) – Amazing. Ironic that after … Read More

Super N00b Check-in, December 2009

It’s been a great year for time sinking, er, gaming. I finished Gears of War 2, Bioshock, Resident Evil 5, Arkham Asylum. I sold Mass Effect, Prototype, Borderlands, Unreal Tournament III, and Fallout 3 GOTY Edition without even getting ¼ through them. (That was my second go round with Fallout…) It’s final: RPGs are not for me. So, now spinning: … Read More

Video Game Myths Debunked

Gears of War

Not that I would advocate exposing my son to such graphic images of violence before the age of, say 12. But this article I came across on the PBS website of all places pretty much sums up how I’ve felt about (mature) video games for a long time. I have spent many post-baby bedtime hours playing violent video games (GTA … Read More

Super N00b Update, April 2009

Here’s what I’m in the middle of currently: Xbox 360: Dead Space, RE5, GTA IV, GTA TLAD (Unreal Tournament 3, Ghost Recon/FIFA & NHL 09, FIFA Street) PS3: Killzone 2 PC: Crysis (crymod), Fallout3, World in Conflict (World of Goo) GTA IV could take as long as a year to play at my pace. (On a related note, I concur … Read More

Middle Age Gaming

I am very grateful that such quality (HD, 1080p) gaming didn’t exist prior to my college years. I might never had made it through high school. The first game I EVER beat (fairly recently) was God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP. Just finished Halo 3, Gears of War, Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty 4 on … Read More