Singles Going Nowhere

This is a collection of tracks, spanning a long duration from the mid-1990s to the present. While not in order of release, many of these tracks were the results of my early experiments with Sonic Foundry’s ACID looping program and plugins long since laid to rest. Warning: Some of these early efforts are musically and lyrically wince-inducing! A Kind Man ... Read More

The Old Pink Song

The Old Pink, aka The Allen Street Bar and Grille

The Old Pink Flamingo, or The Old Pink is one of those places you find yourself at least once a week in Buffalo to help you forget that winter (sometimes) lasts a full 6 months (at least until you’re married, I guess). And with a 4am closing time (courtesy of Erie County lawmakers), you always have plenty of time to get … Read More


I recorded two versions of this ditty for my soulmate. The original, pop version features some slightly out of tune vocals. (I prefer to leave the “charm” in.)  The second version keeps more of a dream-like, shoegaze feel.

Garage Rock Messiah

I wrote this song a few years back about a certain WNY musician whose douche bag factor is unsurpassed. I decided not to name him because that would only feed his already unwieldy ego.


Some of us will never escape our past. Case in point: My best friend who wrote this poem in grammar school for his mother. His older brother wouldn’t let it die on paper and together we resurrected it in song. This is for you, Jeff. This version was recorded (virtually) in 2006. The original was recorded many years before that. Luckily … Read More

48 Lines About 24 Guys

This was a satire/nod to the 1984 Nails classic “88 Lines About 44 Women”, using the drum track from the original. It was “sung” by my gay alter ego, Robert Spice Gay (a gay version of Andrew Dice Clay, with shades of Freddie Mercury). This was recorded circa 2002. Interestingly, I found this (presumably) official video for the original at … Read More

Home Boy Hits

More material from a black man trapped in a white body (sometimes and sort of). The former was my first stab at hip hop after getting my mitts on a Roland sampler (circa 1998). I had planned on using the musical nom de plume “Hype Machine” until I found out it had already been trademarked. The latter is a tongue-in-cheek … Read More