A Craig’s List Comeback from the 80s

Back in the 1980s when yours truly attended (an all boys) high school, among other things like parachute pants, clogs, skinny ties, and Sun-in, mother jokes (insults) were all the rage. The vernacular had morphed from a simpler late 70’s state  (“Ya mama”) to a more elaborate one (“That’s not what your mother said last night”) in the 80’s. Our … Read More

48 Lines About 24 Guys

This was a satire/nod to the 1984 Nails classic “88 Lines About 44 Women”, using the drum track from the original. It was “sung” by my gay alter ego, Robert Spice Gay (a gay version of Andrew Dice Clay, with shades of Freddie Mercury). This was recorded circa 2002. Interestingly, I found this (presumably) official video for the original at … Read More