Singles Going Nowhere

This is a collection of tracks, spanning a long duration from the mid-1990s to the present. While not in order of release, many of these tracks were the results of my early experiments with Sonic Foundry’s ACID looping program and plugins long since laid to rest. Warning: Some of these early efforts are musically and lyrically wince-inducing! A Kind Man ... Read More

Humor/Satire/Pop Culture T-Shirt Designs

Koch Cola
Here you'll find a collection of t-shirt designs of a humorous and/or satirical bent, a few of which were rejected by one or more t-shirt fulfillment places due to "questionable content". I have found this one to be the most forgiving. Well, my rejects needed a home...

Fragrant Fish and the Legacy of Paul Hoeflich

In a previous post, I reminisced about my Syracuse Summer of ’86. It turns out one of the biggest things to happen that summer took place back in my hometown. While I lived the high life (er, on a hill) of glamour and adventure at the home of the Orangemen in Central New York, a longtime friend was recording  something … Read More


Some of us will never escape our past. Case in point: My best friend who wrote this poem in grammar school for his mother. His older brother wouldn’t let it die on paper and together we resurrected it in song. This is for you, Jeff. This version was recorded (virtually) in 2006. The original was recorded many years before that. Luckily … Read More

The Worst Toilet in Silicon Valley

Okay. This isn’t really it. In fact, I don’t know if it IS a photo of the REAL “Worst Toilet in Scotland” from “Trainspotting”. But it’s not far off from the brown splattered atrocity I often walk into on my floor. The fifth floor where I work is what some might call “an all sausage party”: WAY too many males … Read More