Me and the Lads

Ian Wiggans was one of several of my alter egos created for a cable access show I used to produce called, “My City Underground”. Ian was based loosely on real-life soccer thug cum actor, Vinnie Jones. (Have a look. Most will recognize him.) “Me and The Lads” was a fictional CD release by Ian’s (also fictional) poser punk band called … Read More

Fist of Basement Legend

My mother first indulged my shutterbug bug with a trusty Polaroid. I spent ungodly amounts (of my Mom’s) money on film. (Thanks, Mom!) My good friend, Billy Fern (Rest in peace, buddy) had the martial arts bug long before me as his father had begun studying karate. (Billy often sneaked out of the house with his dad’s nunchucks, allowing us … Read More

Digital Painting Gallery 1

Most of these pieces were created (from photographs) in Corel Painter, with a few done in Photoshop. Digital Auto Painter was used in some cases, as well.

Panorama Gallery

A collection of (mostly) stitched panoramas, constructed in Photoshop from multiple shots.

Infrared Gallery

This is a collection of infrared and/or false color shots. Some were shot with my full spectrum-converted Sony A6300 using different filter gradations (590nm, 720nm, and 830nm)

3D Gallery

Most compositions here were created in Vue Esprit 8, with a few done in Bryce.

HDR Gallery

Here you'll find a collection of HDR (high dynamic range) images. Most were bracketed (by shutter speed) and processed in Photomatix, while some were simply tone mapped in Photoshop.