Fist of Basement Legend

Feel the working class rage!

My mother first indulged my shutterbug bug with a trusty Polaroid. I spent ungodly amounts (of my Mom’s) money on film. (Thanks, Mom!) My good friend, Billy Fern (Rest in peace, buddy) had the martial arts bug long before me as his father had begun studying karate. (Billy often sneaked out of the house with his dad’s nunchucks, allowing us the bonk ourselves and claim we fell.) But once I was bitten in 1979 (?) in the form of the Golden Dragon Kung-Fu Society, Billy and the rest of the gang were fully on board with Bruce Lee imitations. This image is the lovechild of my obsession with photography and martial arts. (Also includes appearances by James Lomax, Kevin Tufts, Chris Kessler and Heinz Ketchup.)

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