RIP, All forms of D

You’re next, Blu-ray…

Not long ago, I posted a piece in this blog about my liberation from my cumbersome (music) CD library (as well as my DVD cache), followed soon after by a piece on the death of the printed word. I was reminded on my AM commute today (BBC World Service via satellite radio) how rapidly the processof the death of physical media is speeding up. I searched in vain for a rebroadcast of said business brief, but came across this interesting blog entry instead: A Eulogy for Physical Media. My decision to refrain from buying a Blu-Ray or HD DVD player looks like it may be wise after all. As one of the countless techwhores/geeks who absolutely MUST have the next tech gadget as soon as it’s released, Sony and Toshiba should take notice that I didn’t bite. I suspect that many other fellow gadgeteers have also chosen to thumb their noses at both formats. Let’s face it: Even if one format HAD proven to be the decisive winner (like the new game console victor, still to be determined), it would have been a hollow, short-lived victory. In the face of rapidly declining sales of physical formats (Buy bits, not atoms!),the result of the Blu-Ray-HD DVD war will be entirely irrelevant anyway. And for making the consumer suffer during their brief battle, I hope they both go down in flames…soon. They should be spending R&D on other delivery mediums whether through a pipe or through the ether…
RIP, vinyl
RIP, cassette

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