Super N00b Check-in, August 2010

Using cheat codes: A victimless crime?

Pwned since last update:*
World in Conflict (PC) – Okay, okay. I DID use some cheats. A credit to the RTS genre for sure though!
GTA IV The Lost & the Damned (Xbox)
GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony (Xbox)
Mirror’s Edge (Xbox) – Super cool. Can’t wait for the sequel.
Mass Effect (Xbox) – Amazing. Ironic that after selling my original boxed copy, I got hooked after a second chance download from XBL.
Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox) – A huge surprise for me. Lots of fun.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC) – Same as the first installment. AND I liked it better than CoD MW2.
Call of Duty MW2 (Xbox) – Still awesome, though not as good as the first.
Batman Arkham Asylum (Xbox) – Best. comic. video. game. ever.

Now on the console:
Alien Breed
FIFA 2010
FIFA World Cup 2010
Split Second
Aliens vs Predator
Alan Wake
Dead Space (still)
Shadow Complex
Defense Grid
Now on the PC:
Alien Swarm
Bioshock 2
Half Life
Starcraft II
Zombie Driver
Crysis (still)

OnLive: Just Cause 2

Recent games on my wishlist/long-term list
God of War III

Games in 2010 I am really looking forward to (in order of release date):
Halo Reach
Medal of Honor
Call of Duty: Black Ops
FIFA 2011
NHL 2011

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox):I decided to pass on this, as good as it looks. I learned from GTA IV (itself a GREAT game) that these open world games are just too long when so many great games are released in rapid fire succession.¬†After three attempts on 2 different platforms, I finally gave up on Fallout 3. It turns out I don’t ALWAYS agree with IGN…

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