Super N00b Check-in, December 2009

It’s been a great year for time sinking, er, gaming. I finished Gears of War 2, Bioshock, Resident Evil 5, Arkham Asylum. I sold Mass Effect, Prototype, Borderlands, Unreal Tournament III, and Fallout 3 GOTY Edition without even getting ¼ through them. (That was my second go round with Fallout…) It’s final: RPGs are not for me.
So, now spinning:
Xbox 360: Call of Duty MW2 (Spec Ops), FIFA 10, NHL 10, GTA IV, Midnight Club LA (surprisingly addictive), Dead Space (still), Forza Motorsport 3, Halo ODST, Left 4 Dead, (GTA IV) The Lost and The Damned, and (GTA IV) The Ballad of Gay Tony. The latter includes some rather racy cut scenes I wasn’t aware of, much to my embarrassment and my wife’s horror. (Sorry, hon.) My 19 month old son will be chomping at the bit for Forza Motorsport 13, when the time comes.
PS3: InFamous (Will likely sell Killzone 2 – barely touched. Yawn.), Dante’s Inferno (demo)
PC: World in Conflict (still), Crysis, Crysis Warhead (dormant)
iPhone: Too many to mention. But EA, SHAME ON YOU for the iPhone port of FIFA 2010. I’m embarrassed for you.

Games in 2010 I am really looking forward to (in order of release date):
Aliens vs Predator (Xbox): The trailers say this will be even better than the PC original released 10 years ago. This is the game that really planted the gaming seed in my head.
Bioshock 2 (Xbox): The first was a stunningly detailed production, featuring an underwater art deco world populated by genetically enhanced lunatics. The next version looks to be more fantastic eye candy with some new characters AND you play as a Big Daddy.
Dante’s Inferno (Xbox): Sure. It’s basically God of War with more literary cred. So what’s not to like?
God of War III (PS3): Though I never finished the original on PS2, Chains of Olympus on PSP was the first game on ANY platform I ever beat. So I have a soft spot for this franchise.
Red Dead Redemption (Xbox): I guess if games set in the Renaissance, the Middle Ages and the Crusades can be hits, why not the Wild West? Besides, it IS a Rockstar game and it looks AMAZING.
Split Second (Xbox):
Not just another racing game. But one that let’s you blow things up and knock LARGE things down to slow down/defeat your opponents. Whoda thunk someone so vehemently anti-NASCAR like yours truly would be such a racing game fanatic?

Update: Gave Mass Effect a second try via Games on Demand and DAYUM! I am hooked!!!

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