The Old Pink Song

The Old Pink, aka The Allen Street Bar and Grille

The Old Pink Flamingo, or The Old Pink is one of those places you find yourself at least once a week in Buffalo to help you forget that winter (sometimes) lasts a full 6 months (at least until you’re married, I guess). And with a 4am closing time (courtesy of Erie County lawmakers), you always have plenty of time to get your fill. (Buffalo, NY: A football town with a drinking problem, or vice versa.) The idea for the song brewed in my head for months (2000 or 2001) before finally approaching “Little Al” Coliccia to play bass and Eric “One Take” Van Rysdam (aka EVR, the Old Pink’s venerable #1 DJ) to play rhythm guitar. The rest is yours truly. The ambient sound effects, including closing time clear out by Mike the bouncer, is courtesy of Eric as well. (Thanks, bro!)

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