Would You Like to Be Modified?

“Indulge me…”

… “I want more life, fucker.” Any devoted fan of science fiction can tell you that this exchange is from the famous movie “Blade Runner.” With technology advancing at a dizzying pace, I am one willing techno whore – particularly when it comes to the area of cybernetics.Just the other day I heard about scientists implanting some sort of I diodes into a blind mouse enabling it to see.My techno-lust is not limited to simple gadgets for example, MP3 players, game consoles, computer components, etc.As I recently passed what was surely the midpoint in my life, and realizing the limitations of this mortal coil, I have become more and more intrigued with the thought of artificial body parts.A recent visit to an audiologist and otologist reminded me, my hearing seems to be deteriorating at a rapid pace.This is especially disconcerting considering the fact that what I like to do most is to write and listen to music.More importantly, I rely on my hearing to make my living (I am a video editor by trade).So I have taken special interest in the development of cochlear implants.My otologist did inform me, that hearing aids are definitely in my future.It will be up to me to decide exactly when they come into play.I’ve read there’s a very active cochlear implants user community.And they await with bated breath, new versions of the software to be released.My ex-girlfriend worked with a gentleman who wears cochlear implants.He recently published a book about his experiences with said implants.I’ve begun reading the book.Very interesting.Though born with significant hearing loss himself, he became an avid listener of classical music at a young age.He lost his hearing completely one day in a still vaguely explained way. Like many people who come out of comas and have to learn basic motor functions again, the first-time user of cochlear implants must learn to hear all over again.It requires about a six-month period of relearning the auditory sense, and like anything else requires lifelong learning.

Like many in the modern age, my faith in science and technology is probably stronger than it should be.But as cybernetic limbs are already a reality, I’m sure cybernetic replacements of our six senses are not far behind.

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